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Oonay is the production company that supports you in all your communication projects.

We create video content for iconic B2B and B2C brands in France and internationally.

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Video Production & Editing

Create videos to boost your visibility and share your expertise: interviews, speeches, customer testimonials, LinkedIn and Twitter snippets, event highlights, tutorials, documentaries, commercials...

Live Events

Elevate your digital events with streaming (live broadcasting) and envision immersive experiences: shows, public events, webinars, twitch-style formats, on custom stages or 3D virtual sets.

Motion Design & Animation

Adorn your content with 2D or 3D visuals! We craft custom video graphics styles. We also produce short animated films to narrate your most captivating stories. We create customized video graphics. We also produce short animated films to tell your best stories.

Video Team

The Oonay video team masters the entire audiovisual production chain:

Stay at the forefront of innovation: thanks to the latest production techniques that follow current trends and a team working with cutting-edge technologies.

Benefit from the guidance of a team of experts throughout the visual creation process, from storytelling to project realization.

Offer a unique experience to your clients through Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR): discover the Reality Explorer, Microsoft's virtual studio that combines both the real and the virtual.

Use Cases

Get inspired by our creations and projects:

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