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At Oonay, we juggle words and pixels to write, tell and distribute your stories.

Content marketing experts, our talents help you solve the equation: Content + Acquisition = Performance 🚀


We write your story

Graphic design, design and writing, video, shooting and editing, motion design, 3D film and set, virtual studio, live event, website, landing page… We are content builders.

Our method

Audit of your brand
Editorial strategy and writing
Design and Production

We are very very content

White Paper

Generate leads with an inspiring ebook that addresses the issues of your audience.

Digital card

Become memorable at a glance with unexpected visuals and visible CTA buttons.


Explain a concept, a solution or a product with illustrated analyses.

Blog post

Publish regular articles on your blog to improve your visibility.


Shine with visual aids: keynote, sales presentation, deck and PowerPoint slides.

Graphic Guidelines

Create the visual DNA of your next event and apply it to your content.


Send targeted messages and nurture your existing contacts.

Social media posts

Share your expertise on social networks and develop your personal branding.

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We also make videos!


Solo or multi-partner interviews, customer testimonials, best of videos, product tutorials, commercials.

Motion 2D

Popularize your messages with animated illustrations and enhance your videos with jingles

Motion 3D

Offer an unforgettable experience to your audience with fun and lively 3D content. e

Live Event

Broadcast live the sessions of your event: show, TV set, live streaming, round table, webinar.

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We display your content

Social media campaigns, paid and organic strategies, awareness and lead generation, marketing automation and nurturing. We help you to shape your digital strategies.

Our method

Broadcasting / Activation

We help you to reach your audience across different channels


With more than 830 million members in the world, LinkedIn is the social network for professionals. We leverage this media to enable you to gain visibility and generate new leads.


We analyze your content to create the best scenarii for your existing leads. We guide you on Hubspot to craft your campaigns.


Paid search, organic search, or both? We help you to find the most relevant keywords and optimize your referencing strategy.

Aiming for the moon? We’re not afraid...


We help you gain visibility and legitimacy with your target audiences to improve their perception of your brand at the time of purchase decision.

Lead generation

Acquire new clients by developing a pertinent channels strategy for your audience.


We design scenarios and workflows to continuously nurture your leads and help you turn them into opportunities.

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